3 Ways to Improve Your Pool’s Safety

Rubber resurfacing around pool

To say that this summer has been hot would be an understatement. This summer has been blistering. Thankfully, a dip in your pool is the perfect remedy for high temperatures. It’s important to remember that when you’re swimming, safety comes first. Improper pool safety measures could result in serious injuries, so if there are any outlying safety hazards in your backyard, you should immediately take care of the situation. You can do many things to make swimming in your pool safer this summer – the following article will discuss a few ways you can make swimming safer for you and your family.

Proper Fencing and Barriers

It’s necessary that you install a fence or barrier around your pool’s perimeter to prevent people from accessing it. Ensure that the fence/barrier is designed for privacy and that it is tall enough, so little children are unable to climb over it or reach the latch. Furthermore, consider adding a padlock or combination lock on your fence for added security.

Establish Pool Rules

Your pool should have a list of established rules that are set in place to prevent the risk of injuries. It’s important, especially if you have little kids, that you’re paying attention to activities going on within the pool. Some rules that you may wish to consider can include

• No Diving
• No running outside of the pool
• No horseplay
• Children under that age of 12 must wear water wings or a lifejacket
• Use the ladder to enter and exit the pool

Remember – your pool, your rules! If people aren’t listening to your instructions, you have every right to ask anyone to leave.

Install Safety Surfacing Around the Pool

Whenever water is involved, you have to be mindful of the slipping risk. Even when people are walking, it’s possible for someone to lose their balance and injure themselves. Furthermore, the material which people may fall onto (i.e. concrete, brick, etc.) is quite hard and provides no shock-absorbent relief.

Consider installing rubber resurfacing around your pool and the pool deck. Rubber resurfacing is a slip-resistant material and is designed to absorb impact in the event of a trip or fall. It’s also perfect for the summer – it won’t absorb heat from the sun like other materials like asphalt or concrete, so you won’t have to worry about your feet burning as you walk across its surface.
When it comes to your pool, you need to make safety your number one priority. Ensure that your pool is protected by a fence, establishes pool rules, and strongly consider installing rubber resurfacing around your pool. For more information, contact Vancouver Safety Surfacing today!

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