Are Rubber Driveways A Good Investment for Your Home?

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When it comes time to repair or replace your driveway, you have a few things to keep in mind. One
thing to remember is that you have a few options available – while concrete and asphalt have dominated
the resurfacing industry for many decades, rubber resurfacing engineers have developed and improved
an alternative solution. Nowadays, more and more households are looking to invest in rubber
resurfacing, not only for their driveway but also for their sidewalks and pool decks! The following article
will discuss whether a rubber resurfaced driveway is a good investment for your home.

The Thing About Concrete

As previously mentioned, concrete may be the most popular material for driveways; However, just
because it’s popular, it doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for homeowners and their living conditions.
Once concrete driveways begin to crack or shift, there is not a repairing or resurfacing solution
available to homeowners. On top of that, concrete is very expensive to implement; it is exponentially
more expensive than asphalt or rubber paving. Concrete driveways are often lightly coloured, which
may accentuate tire skids and oil splotches left by your vehicle – these blemishes can be difficult to

The Thing About Asphalt

If concrete isn’t the most popular driveway material for homes across Canada, asphalt certainly may be.
Popularity aside, asphalt has its downsides. Asphalt driveways require a degree of upkeep; for example,
six months after the installation, homeowners will need to have it sealed. Asphalt is less durable and
sustainable than concrete and does not take to finishes or etching very well. For families with little
children, be mindful that in the summer, the heat from the sun will make the asphalt surface very hot,
which can be dangerous and lead to burns if proper footwear and clothing are not worn.

The Thing About Rubber Resurfacing

If you’re looking for a driveway that looks pristine and can be installed in one day, consider investing in a
rubber resurfaced driveway. With an abundance of different looks to choose from (including classic
concrete & asphalt colours), you’ll find a style that fits your needs! There is virtually no maintenance
requirements, and it is a cost-effective solution for those unwilling to spend more than the installation
cost. Rubber resurfacing can be implemented over any existing surface and provides a safe, slip-resistant
technology that will work to keep all members of your family secure.
Rubber resurfacing is growing in popularity as homeowners realize all the benefits it has to offer. Rubber
resurfacing is a practical and environmentally conscientious choice for homeowners in need of a new
driveway. For more information on rubber resurfacing installations, contact Vancouver Safety Surfacing
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