How Rubber Resurfaced Driveways Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Image of home with new rubber surfacing for driveway

When you become a homeowner, it becomes your responsibility to look for ways to boost your home’s resale value. Even if you don’t plan on moving, improving your home’s value on the open market is a good idea in the unexpected event that you to need move suddenly, but also because enhancing the value of your home means you’re improving living conditions for yourself and your family in the meantime. Homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding area are starting to learn about the benefits of using rubber resurfacing for your driveway and here are few reasons you should consider implementing it today.

Increased Curb Appeal

Much of your home’s resale value is comprised of how appealing it looks from the outset. They say that first impressions are everything- well, it’s necessary to make buyers want to look at your home and envision a future there. Your driveway makes up for a major segment of your home’s exterior. If there are cracks or noticeable chunks of concrete missing from your driveway, it may dissuade a buyer from conveying interest in your home. Rubber resurfacing will make your driveway stand out- choose a traditional colour such as grey or black and your rubber protected driveway will be the most beautiful looking driveway in your neighbourhood.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions Are Important to Buyers

There has been a concerted societal effort to improve the environmental habits that we partake in. Homeowners all over Vancouver, and Canada, in general, have begun to recycle more frequently, they have also started to upgrade their old lighting apparatuses to ensure their lights emit low-emission energy. When choosing to upgrade your driveway, rubber resurfacing is easily the most environmentally conscientious as the product is made from recycled rubber, therefore, reducing the amount of rubber that sits and wastes in landfills.

Safer and Still Attractive

Homebuyers are always looking to strike a happy balance between customization, attractiveness, and safety. Making your home safe & secure is especially important for homeowners with little children, grandkids, or pets. Rubber resurfaced driveways can accentuate your home’s landscaping efforts as well as provide a safer & softer landing ground, which will prevent injuries should anyone fall. Rubber resurfaced driveways have been known to make the most significant difference in the Winter because of the anti-slip technology that it boasts. Once again, choosing a traditional colour such as black or grey is very popular amongst prospective homebuyers.

If you’re looking for a quick & efficient way to immediately provide a burst of value to your home, consider investing in rubber resurfacing for your driveway. The professionals at Vancouver Safety Surfaces have the expertise and specialized training to ensure your driveway settles proficiently. For more information, contact us today!

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