How to Prevent Trips and Falls at Home

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When you’re not at work, there’s a pretty fair chance that you’re spending time at home. Home is where the heart is, and for many people, it’s the most comfortable place on Earth. However, comfort does not equate to ubiquitous protection from trips and falls, and if you have little kids, you may know how it feels to trip over the toys they left lying in the hallway. Tripping and falling can result in severe injuries, especially if you trip down a staircase in your home. The following article will provide some helpful tips to reduce your chance of tripping and falling at home:


Trip and Fall Statistics


  • Falls are the most frequent form of injury suffered and the sixth-highest cause of death for elderly people (65+)
  • 1 out of 3 senior citizens fall at home each year and many of these result in critical damages – many results in broken hips, permanently limiting their mobility


Proactive Steps to Take at Home


It’s necessary to be mindful when moving around your own home; you have the highest risk of falling when at home, and this is partly due to your comfort and a general understanding of your floor plan, causing you not to be guarded. Once you let your guard down, you may take your eyes off your walking path, which increases your risk of inadvertent stumbling.


Here are some things you can do at home to prevent falls at home:


  • Remove Clutter- clear up hallways and floors that you frequently walk through, especially at nighttime, the chances of tripping over clothing articles or cleaning tools such as brooms and dustpans.
  • Improve Lighting – Keep your living space as illuminated as possible. Be sure to replace any flickering or burnt-out lightbulbs; if possible, use LED lights to improve clarity & sightlines.
  • Fix Your Flooring: If your flooring is uneven, or there are rugs or floor mats that have the potential to furl up, you should consider removing them as they could pose a serious risk to your physical health.
  • Slow It Down: Many reported injuries to occur when an individual is speed walking or running in their home- go slow, take your time and watch your step when navigating your home.
  • Anti-Slip Mats- In areas of your home, particularly your bathroom or kitchen, where your floors may get wet, we advise all homeowners to invest in anti-slip mats to prevent falls.


Outside of Your Home

Slipping and tripping is incredibly common outside of your home, due to inclement weather conditions, many people trip even walking up and down their porch stairs. In cases like these, we recommend that all homeowners seriously consider investing in rubber paving. The anti-slip technology will prevent accidental slips, and should someone fall, and the landing impact will be less painful.


For more information on preventing slips & trips in and outside of your home, or about the installation of anti-slip rubber flooring/paving, contact Vancouver Safety Surfacing today! We can’t wait to help you!

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