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How Rubber Surfacing Can Offer Extra Fall Protection at Playgrounds

Children who play at playgrounds often suffer falls from playground equipment and other forms of play, and these falls can result in serious injuries if children land on hard surfaces. Rubber material that’s poured into place on playground surfaces can make playtime safer, and Vancouver Safety Surfacing is a rubber and asphalt paving company in Vancouver that has all the necessary equipment and materials to provide safety surfacing.

How Poured Rubber Works

To create rubber surfacing for a playground, shredded EPDM granules are combined with an agent that adheres them into place before paving contractors in Vancouver pour the mixture on a playground surface. Multiple layers of rubber can be poured on the surface to achieve even more of the desired cushioning effect. Other materials that absorb the shock of a fall can also be added to provide maximum protection.

Greater Cushioning

When children fall from playground apparatuses, they may sustain fractures, concussions and other playground injuries that require hospitalization if they fall onto concrete or similar hard surfaces. A surface made of rubber can cushion children’s bodies as they land on the surface and decrease the chances of serious injuries. Rubber material is also able to absorb shock better even when children fall several meters to the ground enhancing playground safety.

Slip Resistance

Children can also become injured at a playground when they walk or run along surfaces that become slippery because of rain, snow or ice. Rubber is a slip-resistant material that can prevent accidents that occur from slipping and falling.

Vancouver Safety Surfacing is a rubber and asphalt paving company in Vancouver that can make each playground in the area a safer place for children to play. To learn more about the benefits of rubber surfacing along with what these professional paving contractors have to offer for your property in Vancouver, please visit Vancouver Safety Surfacing

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