Pour In Place Rubber Surface Roll Coat, ReRoll, or Rebinder Service

Over time, pour in place rubber surfaces will degrade due to environmental factors and may lead to delimitation (or granules coming off). The key to longevity is proper maintenance. If proper maintenance is not done, then your rubber surface can lead to expensive repairs and reduced life expectancy for your rubber surfaced area. By using our rubber Rollcoat service to protect and rejuvenate older surfaces will help to get the most life out of your surface.

  1. Do the shuffle test to see if your surface needs be rolled. To do this, shuffle your feet around the rubber surface and see if any granules break loose from the surface.
  2. Rollcoat should be applied as soon as granulation starts to appear.
  3. Rollcoat is a single component system, just power stir and pour into a tray so that it can be rolled out.
  4. Roll the Rollcoat on the surface with light pressure.
  5. Roll on and allow to dry.
Transform Your Old Cracked Floors With Rubber Resurfacing.
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