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Rubber Driveway Paving Do’s and Don’ts


Rubber Driveway Paving Do’s and Don’ts


Vancouver Safety Surfacing, has a cost effective, durable, and quick fix to give your home curb appeal. Our poured in place rubber surfacing, is applied by our skilled team all within 1 day. All our work comes with a 5-year warranty on the product and labour at a competitive price. Our surfacing is durable, long-lasting, safe and eco-friendly. Plus, since it’s made from select Canadian recycled rubber, it’s also both strong and flexible, while being environmentally friendly. As a bonus, our surfacing is extremely low maintenance. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when caring for your poured in place, rubber driveway paving.


Do: Use a leaf blower or Pressure Washer to remove leaves or dirt from your driveway

Much like any other concrete, asphalt, or paver driveway, you don’t want it to gather dirt, leaves or debris. Allowing dirt and dust build-up will also eventually affect the appearance of your rubber paving. Instead of looking new and clean, it’ll look dull and dirty. This will affect the overall appearance of your home and lower that curb appeal. That’s why a simple sweep or wash from the garden hose will help all around! Your surface can also be renewed very three years with our do it yourself roll coat product or we can do it for you as well!


Do: Wash off any stains

Rubber paving is much more resilient against stains than concrete, but you should still remove any stains. Things such as oil spills, tire marks, spilled paint or other things can mark the surface of your rubber. Utilizing environmentally friendly driveway cleaners or liquid laundry detergent with warm water will help remove any marks. Since rubber paving also doesn’t retain water, you won’t have to worry about drying anything. Just wait for a sunny day to do your cleaning and let the sun dry it out after!


Do: Use a plastic shovel to remove snow

A huge benefit of rubber paving is easy to take care of and maintain in our cold winter months. It is recommended though to use a plastic shovel to clear any snow. You can also still use a snowblower without risk, but make sure it has plastic and not metal edges to raise up a bit off the surface to avoid gouging or tearing. While rubber paving is durable, it’s still not recommended to intentionally use sharp, metal against it such as an ice chipper or metal edge shovel. The result can be unwanted damage and repairs to your driveway surface.


Do: Use “Alaskan Blue Ice Melter” to remove snow

Alaskan Blue Ice Melter will aid in the snow and ice melting whilst leaving fewer salt stains to clean in the Spring.



Don’t: Use “Acid-Based” cleaning products

Using acid-based products risks your rubber paving becoming discoloured or even damaged. It’s also generally not necessary to use such strong products since rubber cleans so easily. If, however, you do need or want to use a cleaner, make sure it has an acid-free base! In general, liquid laundry detergent and warm water is your best solution.

Don’t: Use the highest setting on your pressure washer

Newer high-pressure washers are a popular tool when you really want to deep clean your surfaces such as the driveway, patio or walkway or pool deck. However, while rubber paving is built to be impact resistant, it’s better to avoid high-pressure washers as they can cause the surface to delaminate. If used properly, you can point the pressure washer towards the surface about 1-2 feet away and in a fan pattern motion. If proper care isn’t taken into consideration, you can end up damaging your rubber instead. Electric pressure washers are a great alternative as they don’t have the same potential damaging effects of high-powered gasoline pressure washers.

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