The Key Benefits of Rubber Surfacing and Flooring You Need to Know

Benefits of Rubber Surfacing and Flooring

In addition to tires and floor mats, rubber can be used as paving material for flooring and other surfaces. Rubber can be cut into small pieces and mixed with a glue-like substance to create a mixture that is able to be installed on surfaces in a similar way to wet concrete. Many people are choosing rubber for their surfacing nowadays, and rubber paving material has some key benefits that you may not have known.



When linoleum or another flooring material with a naturally slick surface gets wet from rain that gets tracked into a building or other moisture, the surfaces can become even slicker and pose slipping and falling hazards for anyone who walks across them. Rubber paving is naturally slip-resistant and can help you and other people avoid these hazards.


Useful for a Variety of Surfaces 

In addition to standard walkways, rubber paving can be useful for many types of surfaces. The flexibility and natural cushioning ability of rubber make the material especially ideal for gyms, playgrounds and pool decks. Rubber paving can also be useful for your garage floor. You may even choose to have rubber paving installed on your driveway, and the best driveway resurfacing companies Vancouver has to offer are always stocked with the materials that are needed to complete the job.


Greater Longevity

Rubber often lasts longer than other floor paving materials thanks to its durability. Rubber can withstand the damaging effects of extreme temperatures, intense UV rays and moisture better than many other materials and won’t break down as easily. Your rubber flooring also likely won’t need as many repairs or section replacements.


Better for the Environment

Rubber can also be a smart material choice if you want your home or business to be eco-friendlier. The rubber that is used for surface material is often derived from recycled tires, and this helps reduce the amount of landfill waste.


You’re sure to appreciate all the advantages that rubber material provides when you choose this surfacing material. Vancouver Safety Surfacing has a team of paving contractors in Vancouver who can come to you to take care of all your rubber surfacing needs, and you can learn more by visiting



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