Vancouver Safety Surfacing’s Commitment to Customer Service


As an industry leader in the Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver Safety Surfacing strives to provide unparalleled service and commitment to our customers. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, and our staff is committed to delivering unrivalled results.

Safety surfacing can really transform your living space. It can make your home safer and more environmentally conscious property. Furthermore, investing in safety surfacing will save you money in the long run as it is durable and virtually maintenance-free. We’re here to serve you. Here is a little information into how we’re committed to serving the people in our community.


Free Quotes


We don’t expect our customers to be safety surfacing experts – that’s our job. As long as they exhibit an interest in our products and services, we want them to understand the advantages. Our team is proud to offer free quotes for residential and commercial properties, including playgrounds and outdoor areas. Applying safety surfacing to residential or commercial property is a major job, which is why we want our customers to feel reassured and justified in their investment before it’s installed.




Every home is unique, and that’s an amazing thing. If every home looked the same, it’d be a pretty boring reality. At Vancouver Safety Surfacing, we strive to provide our customers with colour options so they can find their ideal home upgrade. We proudly offer 19 different safety surfacing colour variations, including multiple yellow, red, blue, and green shades.


Sometimes, the standard colour options don’t go far enough. This is why we also offer mixed colours that will truly make your home stand out amongst the rest in your neighbourhood. Check out our website to view our unique safety surfacing mixtures, including the Santa Fe, Sandalwood, and mocha blends.


Customer Incentives


Calls for rubber resurfacing installations increase each and every year. We’re continuously growing our customer base, and we feel it’s important to show how appreciative we are for the support.


Our customer referral program is designed to reward past customers with gift cards as a token of appreciation. Referring us to friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers will put money back into your pocket.


We also offer a price match guarantee. We are the industry standard, and competitors will not outdo us. If another company offers you a better quote than us, we will match that price instantaneously.


Everything we are we owe to our loyal costumes. Our commitment to you is as important as your commitment to our products and services. If you have any questions or concerns about installing safety surfacing at your residential or commercial property, please contact Vancouver Safety Surfacing today.

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