Your Guide to Rubber Surfacing

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Your Guide to Rubber Surfacing

Many people who need surfacing for their driveways, walkways and children’s play areas have chosen rubber for their surface material. Rubber has certain advantages over concrete and other harder materials that have been traditionally used for surfacing, and can be easily installed by paving contractors in Vancouver.

How Rubber Surfacing is Made

Old tires are often used to make rubber surfacing by shredding them into granules that are then adhered to a surface with a special adhesive to hold these rubber granules in place. When the adhesive is mixed with the granules, a substance that is similar to wet-pour cement is created. The substance is then poured over a surface and allowed to set.

Easy Maintenance

One of the main reasons why so many people have chosen rubber surfacing in recent years is because of its low maintenance. Rubber surfacing usually does not experience the same warping, cracking and other damage from the elements as other surfaces. It is also easy to clean by sweeping or mopping with the use of soap and water or other non-toxic cleaners.

An Environmentally Safe Option

Rubber surfacing reduces the number of tires that end up in landfills or are discarded in other environmentally dangerous ways. When tires are recycled for rubber surfacing, they also do not get exposed to the same conditions that often cause harmful chemicals to leak from the rubber into the environment.

Better for Public Health

Public health can be better protected when rubber surfacing has been installed. In addition to helping prevent injuries from falling thanks to the softer properties of rubber surfacing, there is generally less fear of chemical exposure from this type of surfacing. The chemicals that may cause harm to people who become exposed to them are situated underneath the rubber surfacing and difficult to access.

Rubber surfacing is the top choice among many home and business owners in Vancouver who are looking for the safest, most environmentally friendly type of surfacing. Professional rubber surfacing and paving contractors in Vancouver have all the necessary equipment and supplies to apply the surfacing material correctly.

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