How Much Does Rubber Paving Cost?

How Much Does Rubber Paving Cost, Vancouver Safety Surfacing, Rubber Paving, Vancouver BC

How Much Does Rubber Paving Cost?

You may be considering giving your home a bit of a makeover. While a lick of paint can definitely spruce up the exterior of your home, a resurfaced driveway can make it look brand new. There are plenty of ways to achieve this. You could consider digging a tired concrete driveway up and laying new slabs or using asphalt or paving stones. While these are great options, the amount of time and money that goes into using these methods can be phenomenal. Especially when you know that you’ll probably have to go through the same rigmarole again in a few years’ time.

What if we told you there is a better alternative than the ones above to give your driveway a great new look?

Drumroll please… 

Enter rubber paving, stage left…

What is Rubber Paving and How Does it Work?

Rubber paving is a great cost-effective solution to revive a tired driveway. A mixture of rubber and a binder is used to resurface cracked and ugly surfaces by pouring it over them to create a smooth new look. 

Old tires are often used to make rubber surfacing by shredding them into granules that are then adhered to a surface with a special adhesive to hold these rubber granules in place. When the adhesive is mixed with the granules, a substance that is similar to wet-pour cement is created. The substance is then poured over a surface and allowed to set. 

How Much Does Rubber Paving Cost?

The short answer is it’s considerably cheaper than more traditional paving methods.  This is because you don’t have to worry about digging up your old driveway. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of ripping out and disposing of the old concrete, asphalt, or pavers either. Rubber paving can be installed right on top, concealing the old pavement as though it were never there while making cracks and potholes disappear making sure that the final surface is smooth, slip resistant, and long-lasting. This saves you money on the cost of removal of old surfacing. 

It also saves you money in the long run rubber paving is made to last. It withstands harsh summer and winter conditions which means it doesn’t crack or break easily. This means you save money on repairs too. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain too which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort in keeping it clean.

Rubber Paving is Great for the Environment:

At Vancouver Safety Surfacing, our product also saves the environment by keeping recycled, “Canadian only” tires out of landfills so that your driveway actually contributes toward keeping waste out of landfill. The process of recycling old rubber tires also emits fewer greenhouse gases than more traditional paving materials. Also, as rubber is non-toxic unlike many other traditional paving methods so by using rubber paving, you are actually reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that are let out into the environment. Eco-friendly driveway? Yes, please! 

What’s more is that you can use our rubber paving solutions to resurface your garage and spruce up your basement floor too. The many styles and colors mean you can customise each surface to your tastes.

Easy Installation:

Vancouver Safety Surfacing’s rubber paving is easy to install as it simply moulds to the space it’s put into. 

Our skilled crew will install and completely transform your driveway in less than 1 day! With our rubber paving, a potentially big project suddenly became a quick, easy, and cheap one. Contact us today to see how your home renovation project can turn in to a quick and affordable project. 

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